LED Signs Brisbane

LED Signs for your Business

LED Signs BrisbaneLooking for LED signs Brisbane? LED signs are the most cost effective way of advertising multiple products or companies in one location. If you have an LED sign in your business complex, it’s also the fastest way to make changes, updates and edits to your advertising content.

Are you running a special every week? No longer do you have to wait while you get the new information printed and place a board or standard sign, simply update your artwork and load the new information to the LED sign. Here is an install at Woolloongabba Central Shopping Centre, showing an example of a display that is capable of uploading multiple promotional messages on a rotational basis remotely.

You have complete control and flexibility with no waiting.

We cover everything from supply, fabrication & installation, plus servicing, content creation and management for your LED sign or billboard.

Not looking for a permanent LED Sign solution? Then hire one of our mobile LED sign trailers. Great for short term promotions or events, hire for a day or a month – as long as you need it. From 5m2 to 48m2 we have the right product for you. Our mobile LED sign trailers can be run off mains power or a generator, so they can go almost anywhere.

LED Screen Technology

SS Signs are the experts in this field, and since 2009 have been researching international trends in this emerging industry. After extensive work with LED screen technology we have been able to pioneer and develop this in Australia, creating innovative and ground-breaking methods to display your brand and message.

Our Skyboard LED sign has been developed as the largest mobile advertising LED Screens in Australia, ensuring your message will have greater impact and reach the masses with a message they won’t forget in a hurry. See more about our mobile Skyboard LED.

We build various indoor & outdoor LED signs for all Commercial and Domestic Applications. Utilising both Dual In-line Package (DIP) and Surface Mount Device (SMD) technology we can provide the some of the highest resolution screens on the market to date. With our years of LED screen knowledge we can help you select the most appropriate LED product taking into account size, environment, resolution, and viewing distance for your LED sign.

If you are interested in a unique way of marketing and branding your company then SS Signs is for you.

Marketing with LED Signs

One of the most popular choices for contemporary marketing, LED Signs are versatile for a variety of uses and events. From our range of trailer mounted LED signs, Modular LED Screens, or permanent custom designed pylon sign structures, indoors or outdoors, events or branding, we can provide you with the perfect choice for your marketing campaign and leave your audience with a long lasting impression.

Our LED Screens come in sizes large enough and bright enough to be viewed by distance, any type of marketing or event will be enhanced through using an LED sign. Perfect for indoor marketing, for televising sporting functions, for time based promotions and for outdoor events, the range of uses is limited only by your imagination.

LED Signs for Events

If you promoting before your event, LED Signs can be an effective way of getting the message out to those in the local area, you can raise awareness and levels of interest with information for people to sign up online, to give you a call or to google for more information.

Then on the day of the event you can light the way into the course, showcase the competition, highlight the stage and more, see our portfolio for great ideas of how to make an impact on the day.
Our LED Screens can be used at a variety of locations and events such as:

  • Concerts
  • Sport Events
  • School Events
  • Community Events
  • Shopping Centres
  • Exhibitions

You can even make use of LED screens in Conferences and Function rooms, you will create a lasting impression and stand out from everyone else in an exhibition hall, your message will be seen and attract positive attention.

Community Events with LED Screens

SS Signs are a company that likes to give back to the community, we have previously donated our big screens to the Redland City Council’s Christmas by Starlight Concert. With our big screens they were able to display community messages and Christmas Carol lyrics so everyone could sing along. It was a fantastic event for everyone who attended and the screen was a huge hit.

We guarantee the highest quality LED signs, great service and friendly staff who take pride in your satisfaction. Nothing is too hard and we will work with you to achieve the best result for your marketing dollar.
Contact us today for a quote by calling 0419 723 688 or send your enquiry online. We look forward to helping you get great results.