Mobile Billboard Advertising

Through persistent marketing and lobbying SS Signs has successfully developed a completely new advertising avenue within Australia.

SS Signs have two different types of Skyboards, the mobile Skyboard and the mobile LED Skyboard and both are an incredible way to grab the attention of your audience.

The Mobile Skyboard

Mobile Billboard AdvertisingMeasuring a massive 320m2 of billboard signage, this screen is totally mobile and completely erected on site within 20 minutes of arrival using sophisticated hydraulic technology.

Although only new in concept, Skyboard definitely creates attention when in use and has instant promotional impact.

The Skyboard can move locations daily, weekly or as desired. Exposure is a huge thing for business so why focus on one area when you can target multiple locations.

SS Signs continues to strive to improve their core craft while always seeking further innovative techniques to successfully promote a brand.

The LED Skyboard

Mobile Billboard Advertising
This Skyboard is truck mounted for super easy transport and location coverage. It is independently powered with a massive 90kVA generator so you can set it up anywhere and run it for 30 hours straight.

This is perfect for sporting events, festivals or just broadcasting major events. Because of its massive size, brilliant colour and great sound the Skyboard is great for large audiences and functions.

When the LED Skyboard passes you by on the road it is guaranteed to get your attention. There is nothing else like it in Australia and when it comes to advertising it is a one of a kind eye catching technology.

The Skyboard has been a popular addition to many events including screening Sharks Tale at the Raby Bay Harbour Park. It was a huge success with both the adults and the kids enjoying the movie viewed on the huge Skyboard.

Both the non LED Skyboard and the LED Skyboard are an innovative way to advertise and market your company or event. Because the Skyboards attract so much attention they are bound to get people talking about your company, and we all know, talk generates business.

The Skyboards are great for both indoor and outdoor events, such as exhibitions and event promotions. The Skyboards are both equipped to be viewed at night, the non LED mobile Skyboard is self-sufficient with its own 15kVA power supply.

No matter what event we have you covered. The Skyboards make a serious statement to the public and if you want to stand out from the crowd it’s the way to go. Everyone that has had the Skyboard, have always had great things to say. Our customer satisfaction is so important to us, and our satisfaction comes from great results.

Because all our staff are so experienced in the industry they can offer you both great service and advice.

If this isn’t enough information for you then feel free to call or email us today and let us answer all your questions. Our helpful team have enough experience and knowledge from the industry to tackle any of your queries.

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