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Introducing the Skyboard

Originally developed in Europe, SS Signs has the Australasian rights to this technology. Our $1Million dollar investment brings a fresh, new and exciting advertising concept to Australia.

Be noticed like never before, the Skyboard features:

320m2 of advertising real estate
Fast set up, only 20 minutes
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Brilliant colour
Dedicated power supply 15kVA
Massive 90k VA generator – 30 hour capacity

Available in LED and non-LED

This attention grabbing device is the perfect way to capture and engage your audience. Head-turning, jaw-dropping, unforgettable are just a few words to describe the Skyboard.

This guaranteed attention seeker is the ultimate tool for promoting your business, branding, product or event. There’s simply nothing else like it in Australia when it comes to advertising.

It’s the crowd pleaser!

Delivering impact that promotes your message and can’t be ignored. The Skyboard billboard is the perfect way to make an impression no matter what you are promoting. The Skyboard billboard is truck mounted for super easy transport and location coverage. Independently powered with a massive 90kVA generator so you can set it up anywhere and run it for 30 hours straight. Hydraulic engineering allows it to be set up and removed in no time.

Because of its massive size, brilliant colour and great sound the Skyboard is great for large audiences and functions such as:

Sporting Events
Product Launches
Community Events

Skyboard gives you coverage on the move !

 Short on ideas?

Don’t let your imagination limit the possibilities,Talk to us, with our experience in promotion and measured client successes, we can help you create your best marketing campaign ever.

You want results, the Skyboard delivers!

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