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Save your hull with HULL-SKIN Anti-foul technology

Have you heard of HULL-SKIN?

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What’s so great about HULL-SKIN

Firstly, it’s biocide free! This film technology has been designed as an alternative to the typical anti-fouling paints that contain toxins that impact on our marine environment.HULL-SKIN is silicone based and contains the highest quality components and performs with its exceptional adhesive system.With superior longevity to traditional toxic paint systems, containing self-cleaning properties, shear strength resistance and is available in a range of popular colours.

Benefits @ a Glance

It’s better for our environment! No drying time! 5 year lifetime! Easy removal & replacement! Suitable for Fiberglass & Steel hulls! Increases fuel economy! Suitable for hot, cold & humid climates! Designed to self clean at 8 knots! There is simply nothing not to love about this amazing product. Available now from SS Signs, HULL-SKIN more than just a boat wrap. Want more?

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Protect your investment

HULL-SKIN will revolutionalise the future of anti-fouling techniques. It is widely recognised that anti-fouling paints are now diluted and less effective, this is due to legislations in place to protect the environment. The fact they are now less effective is a concern for boat owners, HULL-SKIN is the future of boat anti-fouling.

Leave it to the experts

SS Signs Brisbane are accredited HULL-SKIN applicators, we’ve passed arduous testing to meet the high criteria insisted upon. Our reputation of one on Australia’s most highly regarded signage companies, has embarked us on this exciting endeavour. We believe in this product and you will too. For more information, get in touch with SS Signs.

SS Signs Anti-Foul Wraps to the Australian market

If you own a boat, you will know the importance of Anti Foul, SS Signs are proud to announce their exclusive Australian supplier and installer of this state of the art technology. Developed in the United Kingdom this product offers an outstanding anti-foul solution for boat owners.

A few key benefits

  • Life span up to 5 years
  • Zero Biocides that means environmentally friendly
  • Silicone based
  • Self Cleaning
  • Speed capacity suits up to 40 knots
  • Produces greater fuel enconomy due to less drag
  • Provides protection against corrossion & osmosis
  • Easy to remove and replace
  • Suitable for humid, hot and cold climates
  • Outstanding adhesive qualities


This revolutionary product answers the typical environmental concerns associated with their counterparts toxic paint alternative. Biocide based (arsenic and copper) paint anti-foul solutions are proven to decrease marine growth, it is only a matter of time before these already diluted systems are totally eradicated due to their impact on the environment.  Enter HULL-SKIN the perfect alternative.

The good news is HULL-SKIN is suitable for;


The Future

SS Signs are proud to achieve the accreditation of HULL-SKIN’s amazing anti-foul technology and we are very excited at the prospect of delivering HULL-SKIN’s superior benefits to the wider spread boating community throughout Australia. Our vision for this product is that it will achieve an environmentally better option for our marine ways and reefs.  The product will not just leave a gentle footprint on Australian waterways, it will increase boating enthusiasts’ perception of there is now a better anti-foul solution available.

The Result

HULL-SKIN as it is desgned to do, slows down marine growth on your yacht, craft or ocean liner.

For more information or a free quote contact us here at SS Signs.

Like technical stuff? Download the PDF

Explore all the benefits of Anti-foul Boat Protection Film

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