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It doesn’t matter what the application, if you’re looking for new signs in Brisbane, you need a quality product that gives that real WOW factor. Capture your target’s attention with Queensland’s only 3M qualified MCS Warranty provider, SS Signs.

Making you stand out from the crowd is what we excel in. Starting with your aims and requirements we plan a marketing tactic that suits your needs and your budget. From signage and billboards, wrapping cars, trucks, boats and even trains we have the perfect solution to get your message to the masses. Promotional events, specialised advertising and corporate branding can all be done with great impact using SS Signs.

With over 20 years of experience, a fantastic range of options and our in-house designer, we can always find the right solution that works for you. Covering everything from minor, personal projects to high-end corporate events, we can provide:

Innovative and Effective Advertising

Signs Brisbane
No matter what project you’re working on, SS Signs are the friendly team you can trust. We are so proud and confident of our work that we offer a 100% guarantee on all of our products. Some signage options can require a high budget but that doesn’t mean you have to take a risk!

We know how important signage is to deliver a message for any business that’s why we provide innovative and effective advertising. From location signage, to corporate branding, and special events with SS Signs and Vehicle Wraps you can promote your business in a way that leaves a long lasting impression bringing the attention you need to get your message across to the public.

SS Signs have years of experience in the industry and have provided their great services to countless numbers of businesses throughout Brisbane and Australia. So you know when you go with us you’re guaranteeing experience and quality to your product.

Because our business relies so strongly on what our customers say about us it’s our top priority to make sure we exceed your expectations. And through our great work and attention grabbing advertising we are able to do that effectively.

When it comes to the signage industry attention to detail is extremely important and making sure the final product is perfect, is our pleasure. We are an innovative and progressive company, dedicated and focused on always growing and improving.

We work with you to make sure the final product of our work is exactly what you desire and more. We understand that there are different directions that companies want to go in so by working with you and our in-house designer we can make a calculated decision.

It’s important that the materials used to make signage are of high quality. What doesn’t lack importance is the designs of the signage. With our highly experienced in-house graphic designer you can get the designs that you want from a professional.

Vehicle Wraps Brisbane

Make the most of your corporate fleet, put your branding on a boat, wrap a truck or ute with your company details or advertise a current promotion with ease with a high quality vinyl vehicle wrap. This is a great method of advertising for your company increasing your brand visibility everywhere you go, and is easily changeable for new promotions by simply putting a new wrap. Vehicle wraps are the perfect way to create a professional impression of your business, add your logo to a sponsorship or promotion and create your own mobile branded advertisement.

An effective way to change the look of your car and create massive amounts of attention for your business, car wrapping is a big trend in Brisbane and we are the experts in it. Providing you with years of experience and knowledge we can help you select the right kind of car wrap for you. And with our in-house graphic designers we can listen to your concepts and create the artwork for you.

If you simply want to have a new look to your car, we also provide full colour change wraps, creating a stunning satin or matt finish are a great way to change the look of your car without the cost of a respray, and you can change it back at any time. Looking to get your vehicle wrapped in Brisbane? Contact us today!

Skyboard Billboards

Creating an impact with a message that can’t be ignored on our mobile Skyboard billboard is the perfect way to make an impression for sporting events, festivals and community promotion. It’s sure to get people talking, and taking notice of your advertising, just take a look at our massive Skyboard billboards. Measuring a massive 320m2, the Skyboard Mobile Billboard can be set up in just 20 minutes using sophisticated hydraulic technology. You can make use of the LED Billboard inside or outside, stand out in an exhibition hall, use it at a festival or broadcast your details with unforgettable impact.

Originally developed in Europe, SS Signs has the Australasian rights to this technology and through persistent marketing and lobbying, it represents a $1Million dollar investment that provides a fresh, new and exciting advertising concept to Australia.

LED Billboards

If you’ve got a live event to broadcast or want your message to be sign bright and clear, take a look at our LED billboards including the Skyboard LED sign. Our LED Signs are attention grabbing and are a great addition to multiple events and functions.

The technology used for the LED screens ensures your message will be seen even in bright daylight, so the impact won’t be lost no matter what time of day you want to advertise. LED Billboards are becoming more useful in today’s marketing mix as an effective method of displaying more than one message with ease. Flexible and reliable you simply can’t go wrong with LED billboards.

Hiring one of our LED Billboards is perfect if you have an event coming up and want to get some extra promotion leading up to it, add interest and deliver information, ask the team about how they can be put to use for your next promotion.

SkyBoard LED – Truck-Mounted LED Signage

Large, bright and attention-grabbing, the Skyboard LED sign is so big it has been mounted on the back of a semi-trailer and can be driven around promoting your product where everyone is sure to see it! An LED sign this big simply cannot go unnoticed.

Take advantage of this attention grabbing method to promote an upcoming event, a current special or for corporate branding. We can deliver your information to a targeted area, with fantastic results.

From Inner city Brisbane, down the coast of New South Wales, our trucks effectively deliver messages to your targeted demographic groups, being mobile you get the choose the time and place for your ads to show resulting in immediate potential customers. Truck Mounted LED signage leaves lasting impressions on those who see them for days and weeks afterwards.

Fixed LED Signs

If you’re after a fixed option, we have also provided large LED signs for various locations and events that have received nothing but praise from all involved. Stream live footage or up-to-date messages with clean, clear LED in a way that really pops.

You can live stream the football to a crowd of patrons, run a special events evening, or use them for viewers of on stage presentations. Indoors or outdoors, your can choose what messages you want delivered with ease.

Take complete control of your advertising by adding and removing messages whenever the need arises without having to wait for them to be printed. Weekly specials become simple to update, competitions and special offers can be advertised easily, and even changed daily if that suited your needs. Find out more about LED Signs Brisbane

Our Brisbane Based Team

Dedicated professionals, SS Signs and Vehicle Wraps are a passionate creative team with the experience that you need to make your message pop! Whatever the product or event we can help you. In our years of experience we have worked for some huge companies and created branding and vehicle wrapping for multiple well known businesses.

Trust us with your branding and marketing needs, you won’t be disappointed! We are ready to work with you and create a memorable marketing campaign for your business.