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Is your business seeking attention?

LED Signs are the solution

LED Signage Brisbane SS Signs Skreenkraft Leaders in LED Signs

Is your business seeking attention?

LED Signs are the solution

LED Signage

Deeply Customizable

LED Signage Brisbane SS Signs Skreenkraft Leaders in LED Signs. LED signs are the most cost effective way of advertising multiple businesses in the one location. Multiple messages? The major benefit of an LED sign is you can make changes instantly.

Easy & Convenient

No longer do you have to wait while you get the new information printed and place a board or standard sign, simply update your artwork and load the new information to the LED sign. With remote capability to upload multiple promotional messages on a rotational basis.

Complete control and flexibility with no waiting!

We cover everything from supply, fabrication & installation, plus servicing, content creation and management for your LED sign or billboard. We also handle engineering and can organise council approvals if required.

When flexibility is the focus: LED

Do you need to update specials, events, promotions regularly? Do you need to showcase multiple businesses with multiple messages? Or you want a DIY result, so you make the changes when you need them? Then LED is for you.

The SS Signs Touch

We build various indoor & outdoor LED signs for all Commercial and Domestic Applications. Utilising both Dual In-line Package (DIP) and Surface Mount Device (SMD) technology. We can provide the some of the highest resolution screens on the market to date. With years of LED screen knowledge SS Signs can help you select the most appropriate LED product taking into account size, environment, resolution, and viewing distance.

Marketing with LED Signs

One of the most popular choices for contemporary marketing, LED Signs are versatile for a variety of uses and events. From our range of trailer mounted LED signs, Modular LED Screens, or permanent custom designed pylon sign structures, indoors or outdoors, events or branding, we can provide you with the perfect choice for your marketing campaign and leave your audience with a long lasting impression.

LED: Great for Promotion

Our LED Screens come in sizes large enough and bright enough to be viewed by distance, any type of marketing or event will be enhanced through using an LED sign. Perfect for indoor marketing, for televising sporting functions, for time based promotions and for outdoor events, the range of uses is limited only by your imagination.

Our LED Screens can be used at a variety of locations and events such as:

Sport Events
School Events
Community Events
Shopping Centres
Outdoor Cinemas

The SS Signs Promise

We guarantee the highest quality LED signs, great service and friendly staff who take pride in your satisfaction. Nothing is too hard and we will work with you to achieve the best result for your marketing dollar.
Contact us today for a quote by calling 07 3821 7326 or send your enquiry online. We look forward to helping achieve excellent results.

LED Signage Brisbane SS Signs Skreenkraft Leaders in LED Signs


SS Signs are the experts in this field, and since 2009 have been researching international trends in this emerging industry. After installing of 80 major LED signage solutions installation we are the leaders in creative ground-breaking methods to display your brand and message. Anywhere, anytime.
With our wealth of experience, not only designing and building LED signage solutions, we built a dedicated Service Team that look after some of Australia’s largest LED Signage company’s assets. SS Signs dedicated Maintenance team can offer 7 day a week 24 hrs day maintenance and servicing solution. To find out more, call us on 07 3821 7326

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