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Our Story

1972 From Humble Beginnings

The Skreenkraft Story

Skreenkraft was born. Operating from a modest building in Bulimba the Lambourne family commenced their family signage business. Times and technology were a lot different then, the Lambourne’s reflect and we moved with them, developed a great reputation and the business flourished.

We are so proud this family made sign company with now a third generations coming up through the ranks.  Our legacy is creating the foundation for Brisbane’s leading signage company.

We were always client focused and excited about providing exceptional craftsmanship. Our clients were and still are our number one, their success is our success!  These relationships were built on trust and delivery of a superior product and service.

Experience, Craftsmanship, Delivery

2006 The Next Generation

The SS Signs Story

Meet Steve & Selina Lambourne. With twenty years experience working with Mum and Dad at Skreenkraft, SS Signs evolved. A whole new digital era in signage had began and in just over ten years SS Signs is now identified as the leading signage company in Brisbane.

“These are amazing times with LED, Vehicle Wrapping, Skyboards our customers really want to be noticed and we deliver.” SS Signs has grown in leaps and bounds, catering for small businesses to blue chip clients we have something to offer all of our clients.

With over 20 staff they must be doing a lot right! Couple with Australia’s only 3M full accreditation, it really speaks for itself.

SS Signs Brisbane – Leaders Corporate Signage Billboard Boat – Car Wraps

What’s in store 2018?

Now all under the one roof with a growing team of 27 staff this strategic move offers our clients even better service, expertise and equipment.

Plus we’re expanding our already massive 2,000 square metre premises with an additional 800 square metres. We love what we do and our aim is to be the best.

Now combined, Skreenkraft, SS Signs & are on a mission. Working nationally throughout Australia with our niche products and services and state of the art technology, we are delivering visual recognition for our clients. Today our name is synonymous with signage across the industry.


We’ll deliver on time, we recognise deadlines.
We’ll wow your audience and get you’ll be noticed.
And we won’t disappoint, that’s our promise.

Breaking News! We are proud to announce our recent global partnership with HULL-SKIN

SS Signs are proud to achieve the accreditation of HULL-SKIN’s amazing anti-foul technology and we are very excited at the prospect of delivering HULL-SKIN’s superior benefits to the wider spread community. Our vision for this product is that it will achieve an environmentally better option for our marine ways and reefs, by it’s very gentle footprint on Australian waterways.

The Result

HULL-SKIN as it is designed to do, slows down marine growth on your yacht, craft or ocean liner. What a great invention!

And it won’t disappoint, that’s our promise.

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