Our Story

1972 From Humble Beginnings
The Skreenkraft Story

The Lambourne family commenced their family signage business in 1972 operating from a modest building in Bulimba, thus Skreenkraft was born. As times and technology changed the Lambourne’s moved and grew the business with the family developing a great reputation as their business flourished.

We are so proud of this family-made sign company, now with the third generation moving through the ranks. Our legacy is creating the foundation for Brisbane’s leading signage company.

We are client-focused and excited about providing exceptional craftsmanship. Our clients are our top priority – their success is our success!. These relationships are built on trust and the delivery of a superior product and service.

Skreenkraft - Old Building with yellow cars out front
2006 The Next Generation
The SS Signs Story

With twenty years of experience working with Mum and Dad, SS Signs evolved with Steve and Selina Lambourne. A whole new era in digital signage had begun and in just over ten years SS Signs is now identified as the leading signage company in Brisbane. With a team of 10, SS Signs has made a name for themselves and quickly diversified their capabilities within the signage industry.


Now combined with Skreenkraft, SS Signs were on a mission, offering clients even better service, expertise and equipment. With the ever-growing team extending to 45 staff, SS Signs expansion was full steam ahead.

Acquiring the vast experience from other sign companies including Civic Media, Brand Productions and Vehicle Wraps Australia. SS Signs further diversified in the years ahead with 3D and Grand Format Printers.

2023 - Melbourne Expansion

SS Signs’ services extend nationwide with clients in every state, as well as internationally. To help broaden the reach and better serve our customers, SS Signs expanded to Melbourne in early 2023. Building on the already established experience and presence of Glenbrae Signs, SS Signs opened a new factory in Kilsyth, Victoria.

What's in Store 2024 and Beyond?

Today our name is synonymous with signage across the industry. SS Signs has grown in leaps and bounds, catering for small businesses through to blue chip clients both at home and abroad.

Staying one step ahead of the game has always been the goal and making sure we don’t fall behind with the everchanging signage landscape.

With a strong and passionate team of over 60 staff along with having Australia’s highest 3M full Platinum accreditation, we must be doing something right.

Exciting times lie ahead, and we aren’t slowing down anytime soon.